(Ongoing Network Transgendered Outreach Project)

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Hi there! I'm one of the team managers of CabalArticles, a famous content writing group. We are able to write in Spanish and English for world-wide web viewers, and are available for article development for your webpage. Down the page you can read my resume, and you might be able to read other team managers and team members' resumes on this site. At the end of my resume, you will notice some good examples of our exhibited articles. For employment requests, please mail us using the contactform on this internet site and one of us will respond as soon as is possible.

Patrick E. Jenkins
4944 Charter Street
Kansas City, KS

Summary of Qualifications
Graduated With Special Honors from Northwest University
10 years of authoring experience (expressly for Internet viewers)
Superb fluency in Spanish
Dedicated, group-oriented worker with a taste for specifics

Business Expertise
CabalArticles, New York City, NY
2001 - Present
Writing Team Organizer
Accountable for setting up a worldwide group of freelance writers to fit a demanding set of growth aims.
- Set new records for production, increasing productivity by 20% around the world
- Properly managed absolutely consistent logs of project distribution
- Cared for QA for international output over a substantial group of internet writers

Additional Abilities

Fluent in Spanish
State-of-the-art competence with a extensive choice of office computer software

Samples of Published Works